Benibachi Black Pearl
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It is a combination of bio-technology using mordenite content (18.13Ax20.49A), with far infrared rays through refine ceramic manufacturing process that produce a high tech product. The product is a combination of all filter media with best optimum result that make up aquarium produce a leading innovation product in the world.

  • The balack pearl is made up of multi-micro porous which provide a good living environment for aerobe and also provide a living environment for anaerobe at the inner part of the black pearl.
  • Able to remove color & smell in water.
  • Able to purify aquarium water.
  • Mordenite's content helps to remove ammonia.
  • Strong ion exchange shown in the specification report, help to absorpt ammonia and nitrite, prevent oil surface on water, remove toxic substance, prevent algae grow & stabilize pH.
  • High far infrared rays able to provide a more lifely living environment for all living organism in the aquarium including water.

Place Black Pearl under the sponge filter to get best optimum result.

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