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Chihiros LED With Intensity Control (A Series) (Aquarium Light) (30cm - 120cm)
Price RM109.00 - RM149.00
Product SKU A301 / A351 / A401 / A451 / A501 / A601 / A901 / A1201
Brand Chihiros
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CHIHIROS A series LED lighting set is specifically designed for planted tank application. Each LED light comes with 0.5W in SMD HCRI. These good quality LEDs are used in Chihiros lighting set and it’s design is comparable with conventional usage of T8 and T5 lighting in aspect of lighting intensity and brightness, meanwhile offering much more energy saving for electricity. CHIHIROS lighting set comes with a high quality and transparency acrylic stand, giving you reflection of the lighting set as if it is floating in the air.

Every Chihiros A series LED lighting set comes with a dimmer which lighting intensity can be manually tuned over 6 stages of brightness. Suitable for freshwater tanks.

Includes :
- Acrylic Stand X1
- LED Lighting X1
- Power Adapter X1
- Dimmer Controller X1

LED A301 freshwater
a) suitable for length<30cm and thickness<6mm
b) 0.33W*54 pcs LED
c) 8000K; 2800lm
d) >50,000hrs lifespan

LED A351 freshwater
a) suitable for length<35cm and thickness<6mm
b) 0.33W*63 pcs LED
c) 8000K; 3450lm
d) >50,000hrs lifespan

LED A401 freshwater
a) suitable for length<40cm and thickness<6mm
b) 0.33W*72 pcs LED
c) 8000K; 3850lm
d) >50,000hrs lifespan

LED A451 freshwater
a) suitable for length<45cm and thickness<6mm
b) 0.33W*81 pcs LED
c) 8000K; 4350lm
d) >50,000hrs lifespan

LED A501 freshwater
a) suitable for length<50cm and thickness<6mm
b) 0.33W*99 pcs LED
c) 8000K; 4800lm
d) >50,000hrs lifespan

LED A601 freshwater
a) suitable for length<60cm and thickness<6mm
b) 0.33W*117 pcs LED
c) 8000K; 5800lm
d) >50,000hrs lifespan

LED A901 freshwater
a) suitable for length<90cm and thickness<6mm
b) 0.33W*180 pcs LED
c) 8000K; 8200lm
d) >50,000hrs lifespan

LED A1201 freshwater
a) suitable for length<120cm and thickness<6mm
b) 0.33W*252 pcs LED
c) 8000K; 9700lm
d) >50,000hrs lifespan

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