Colombo Gh Test Kit (Aquarium Tester)
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The GH is the so-called total hardness or in German Gesamthärte, abreviated to GH. The GH is the total amount of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium; in practice about 90% of the GH is made up out of calcium, the remaining 10% is magnesium. These minerals are important substances for fi sh health but also for a good growth of water plants. In case of an adequate GH, these minerals do not limit the plant growth and thus plants can grow optimal. Optimal plant growth is the natural way for blocking algae growth, and thus an optimal GH is also important for clear water and keeping away (thread)algae. Thus, test the GH regularly and refresh 10% of the water weekly. An optimal GH-value in fresh water (both aquaria as well as ponds) is between 8 and 12°DH. When the GH is above 15°DH, the water is too hard and white deposits in the form of lime can occur. You can lower the GH by refreshing water; fi rst check the GH and add Colombo Fish Protect to the fresh water. When the GH is lower than 8°DH, you can increase it with Colombo GH+.

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