Colombo Nitrate (NO3) Test Kit (Aquarium Tester)
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Nitrate (chemically abbreviated as NO3 ) is the end product of the degradation of ammonia by nitrifying bacteria in your aquarium or pond. Nitrate is not toxic for fi sh and thus is no direct problem for the health of fi sh like ammonia or nitrite are; high concentrations however can on the long run reduce growth and reproduction of fi sh. Indirectly, nitrate can lead to algae problems as nitrate is one of the key nutrients for algae and plants. Plants and algae compete with one another for nutrients and unfortunately plants can’t always win this competition. In such a case algae can grow and even explode in numbers. In a pond this results in either turbid, green water or in mass amounts of thread algae. In aquaria algae can completely cover the glass, stones and even plants, leading to their death. In a marine tank algae can overgrow corals to such an extent that the corals suffocate and die. Although nitrate is basically not toxic, it is highly desirable to keep the level low to prevent algae growth. For fresh water we advise a threshold of 50 mg/l and for sea water 10 mg/l. This can best be accomplished by refreshing water; fi rst check the nitrate level of the refreshing water.

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