Hikari Mulberific Delite Tortoise Diet Food 220g
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Brand Hikari
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A Scientifically Formulated, Probiotic Enhanced Pellet For Tortoise & Herbivorous Lizards Like Adult Spiny-Tailed Lizards or Iguana.

  • Mulberry Leaf Offers Superior Nutrition
    Mulberry leaf offers an optimal nutrient source for many herbivorous reptiles like tortoise. It also significantly improves palatability. The added mulukhiya, Japanese mustard spinach and minimum grain content further enhance diet performance and flavor.
  • Fiber Rich
    The wide assortment of vegetable and plant matter make an ideal wild grass substitute.
  • Enhances Water Retention
    Poor hydration may cause urinary tract issues. The Mulberific Delite™ pellet offers excellent water absorption and high retention. This coupled with a unique sponge-like texture that improves acceptance and thereby natural water intake during feeding makes this diet an ideal hydration option.
  • Balanced Nutrition & Unique Texture
    This low-protein, high-fiber, high-calcium formula offers a 5:1 calcium:phosphorus ratio, which is optimal for tortoise. Once hydrated the pellet offers a protein level as low as that of wild grasses. The unique pellet composition and texture can eliminate food sticking to the reptiles mouth.
  • No color additives
    Mulberific Delite™ has a high concentration of natural ingredients and outstanding flavor which attracts even the most picky tortoise species.
  • The "Hikari-Germ™" Benefit
    This probiotic enhanced formula supports immune and digestive system health while the nutrient mix helps reduce feces odor.
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